We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. Please read through these to see if your question has been answered, and if not, use our contact form to get in touch.

FAQ Topics

Looking for volunteer opportunities around Marion County?

Smoke Free Indy is always happy to have community members assisting at local events when it comes to setting up, tearing down, or being present at one of our booths. If you’re interest in volunteering at a Smoke Free Indy event, please visit us at our Join Our Coalition page. After filling out a form a coalition member will respond as soon as possible to notify you of upcoming events around the community.

Have you or someone you know been impacted by smoking? Share your story with us.

We appreciate community members who are willing to share their or a loved one’s journey to staying quit from tobacco. If you have a story that you would like to share with us at Smoke Free Indy, visit our Contact Us page and fill out our form to reach us. One of our coalition members will respond as soon as possible to follow up if needed.

Are you or someone you know that is using tobacco, vaping, or JUUL look for resources to quit?

For information on various tobacco products and resources to quit, visit our Tobacco 101 page under our “Resources” tab. As well, the 1-800-QUIT-NOW tobacco quitline provides online and over the phone tobacco counseling for free. To learn more about this service click on our Quit Now tab.

How do I partner with Smoke Free Indy?

Are you a local organization, business, or community member that wants to see positive change around Marion County? Smoke Free Indy is accepting partnerships to collaborate on various events and projects around Marion County in order to improve health outcomes related to tobacco use. Please visit our Contact Us page to reach out to us with a partnership opportunity. We will respond as soon as possible to organize a meeting for further discussion.

How do I join the Smoke Free Indy Coalition?

Smoke Free Indy is an ever-growing group of both like-minded and diverse individuals, community groups, and organizations who collectively share a passion for tobacco cessation and prevention. As a member of Smoke Free Indy, you will be eligible to register for all of the Smoke free Indy events throughout the year. You will also receive our regular newsletter, featuring information about upcoming Smoke Free Indy events, coalition meetings, and fresh new ideas from within the community and beyond. Navigate to our “Community” tab and click Join Our Coalition for more info.

Would you like us to speak or give a presentation at your organization?

Smoke Free Indy is made up of various Marion County organizations and community members have vast knowledge of tobacco prevention and cessation. Whether it is a presentation on “What is a Vape/E-cigarette?” or “Resources to Help Someone Quit”, we appreciate every opportunity to speak at meetings, classes, seminars, and events. To request a presentation or to have us speak at your organization, please visit our Contact Us page. Please include what potential topics you would like covered and when you would like the presentation given. We will respond as soon as possible to organize how we can best serve you!