Smoke-Free Air


Smoke-free Air in Indianapolis

In 2005, the Indianapolis City County Council passed the first ordinance that eliminated smoking in workplaces and restaurants. Unfortunately, this law left many workers behind.  Employees of bowling alleys, bars, taverns and private membership clubs were still exposed to secondhand smoke.

After years of education and increased support from the community, the Indianapolis City-County Council strengthened Indianapolis’ ordinance that required more workplaces to be smoke-free, including bars, taverns, bowling alleys and 100% of hotel/motel rooms.

The strengthened ordinance went into effect on June 1, 2012 and did not include the excluded cities of Lawrence, Beech Grove, Southport and Speedway.

Following Indianapolis’ lead, the city of Lawrence later passed a smoke-free ordinance that also prohibited smoking in bars and taverns. Unfortunately, Beech Grove, Speedway and Southport have yet to pass strong smoke-free ordinances. If you live in one of these communities and want to implement a smoke-free ordinance, contact us.


How Smoke Circulates
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