Key Reports

  • Marion County Apartment 2017 Survey Results

    The multi-family housing survey data released show an increase in the number of smoke free apartments offered in Marion County. We encourage all properties to go smoke-free and will provide assistance to do so.
  • Effects of Smoking Ban on Acute MI Hospitalization in Marion County

    The Indianapolis smoke free air law passed in July of 2012, has shown a 20% decline in AMI admission rates in Marion County and 25% in Indianapolis.
  • Toll of Indiana's Tobacco Addiction

    Indiana has a smoking rate of 22.9%, which is an increase from last year, ranking us 44th among all states. The national average is 17.5% or less. Indiana has work to do.
  • Public Attitudes toward Smoking in Public Places

    77.5% of Marion County adults favor the Indianapolis law, prohibiting smoking inside most public places, including bars and taverns.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Study

    In the 7 locations that prohibited indoor smoking post-law, indoor particle pollution levels declined 95% as a result of the smoke-free air law to low levels, similar to those found in outdoor air.
  • Indianapolis Public Opinion Poll 07/21/2010

    70% of Indianapolis voters support a law making bars, restaurants and other workplaces smoke-free.